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Soleil: Why Everyone Loves the French (04/12/2008)


I've been sifting through some of my old writings and I realized that I have a whole bunch of food reviews that I never got round to posting on the blog. And because I REALLLLLY don't want to start studying, I'm going to do some more food blogging/procrastination. So here they are, reviews from yesteryear.

Just got back from dinner at Soleil and I'm VERY happy.

This place is SO good...why didn't I find out about it sooner??? Soleil is the ABSOLUTE paragon of the type of restaurant I love. Small but cozy, friendly service, great food.
There is nothing pretentious about Soleil. The people who come here come because they want good food. Simple. The service is really great, albeit a bit slow (but I was never one to be bothered by slow service since I like relaxing meals over long conversations) and you can tell straight up that the waiters are excited about the food and actually know what they are talking about.
(Steak o' perfection)

The crab cake appetizer ($6.95) was really good, even better with their special mayonnaise. I got the Steak a la Christine ($22) which came with a side of fries. Oh, the steak was SOOOO FRIGGIN' GOOD. Perfectly chargrilled on the outside but juicy and tender on the inside. The fries were, as our waiter promised, "thin and crunchy" and was amazing with the steak...even more so when drenched in the peppercorn gravy (which, I guess, took away the "crunchy" aspect of it...but if anything, it was in a really good way).

Determined to have a three course meal (oh, don't be fooled by the small Asian girl exterior), we also each got a dessert. On the recommendation of our waiter (who I LOVED, by the way), my friend got the feuillete de fraises puff pastry dessert and I tried the chocolate crepe. The feuillete was AMAZING!! So sweet, light yet good. I want to raise my children on food like that. And the crepe! SO DECADENT! It was, basically, a crepe filled with vanilla ice cream, banana, chocolate sauce, drizzled with MORE chocolate sauce and placed betw
een two large dollops of sweet whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Uhm, can I NOT love that?? Like I said, service was slow (our dinner spanned for 2 hours) but that meant good food and good conversation...and it allowed ample time for digestion between courses (all the better for me!!)
(Chocolate crepe: one way to get fat)

Everything together, plus a big fat tip, my meal came out to about $50. Not bad at all considering what I ate.
Yes, tonight before I sleep, I'm going to thank God for situating Soleil just 20 minutes from where I live. Life is good.


I've been back a couple of times and I've made yet another happy discovery. Their pumpkin ravioli ($14.95) is a plateful of heaven!

FOOD: 4/5
SERVICE: 4.25/5


1386 Westwood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90024

(310) 441-5384

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