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Delphi: Spread the Love...onto a Pita (05/06/2008)


I've been sifting through some of my old writings and I realized that I have a whole bunch of food reviews that I never got round to posting on the blog. And because I REALLLLLY don't want to start studying, I'm going to do some more food blogging/procrastination. So here they are, reviews from yesteryear.


Delphi is my new favorite place. I absolutely LOVE it!

The food is great, the service is great, the atmosphere is great. What's NOT to love??

The first time I went, I went with a friend for lunch. In the midst of the blue and white interior and the laid-back feel of place, my friend and I immediately looked at each other and said: "wow, I feel as if I'm on vacation".

Their complimentary bread is straight-from-the-oven amazing. Still warm and oh-SO-good! But what's even MORE amazing? Their taramosalata ($2.80 for half portion). Their portions are ridiculous - my friend and I couldn't even finish the "half" portion...I don't even want to think what the full portion is like. In all honesty, I can't think of anything more beautiful than their taramosolata on top of their warm pita bread ($1.95). OK - I lied - Anderson Cooper is more beautiful than that...but their taramosolata is not far behind. And seriously, their pita bread is the best. Not to mention that it's a VERY generous serving. I honestly think that it was the never-ending pita bread basket. I actually think it might be the same basket of bread that Jesus pulled the five loaves of bread and two fish from...because no matter how much we ate, there was still more pita.
(Taramosalata: Honestly one of the best things you can ingest)

Anyhow, onto the entrees. The mousaka ($9.25 at lunchtime) is AMAZING. I love eggplant (in my opinion, it's the king of all vegetables), I love potatoes, I love beef. So when someone makes a good mousaka, I love them. Hence, I love Delphi. Yes - there's a lot of love going on. I went back for dinner today and got the chicken Athenian ($18.25). By this point, I'm no longer surprised if the food tastes great...I've come to expect that everything that comes out of Delphi's magical kitchen is a little bit of love on a plate. The entree comes with either a soup or salad. And of course, the salad is sprinkled with a generous amount of feta cheese. And that in itself is 5-star worthy.

(Mousaka: eggplant that's better than just eggplant)

What else? Oh yes, the Galaktoboureko - custard wrapped in phyllo - is great (come on, it's custard AND pastry. It would be almost illegal if it WASN'T good!) and size-wise, it's good to share. On top of the great food, the atmosphere is great. Laid back and service is amongst the best in the area. Cups are always filled and the waiter always checks up without being overwhelming. Plus, they were playing Sinatra tonight...definite brownie points!! So if you ever want to bump into me (if for some reason, you so desire to do so), try going to Delphi. I won't be surprised if I'm there.

FOOD: 4.5/5
SERVICE: 4.5/5


1383 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 478-2900

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