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Pink Orchid: Cakes on the Cheap (04/11/2008)


I've been sifting through some of my old writings and I realized that I have a whole bunch of food reviews that I never got round to posting on the blog. And because I REALLLLLY don't want to start studying, I'm going to do some more food blogging/procrastination. So here they are, reviews from yesteryear.


I found out about this place about 2 weeks ago and I've already been back about half a dozen times! I have a perfectly fine cake and coffee place about 10 minutes from where I live but now, I'd rather walk 30 minutes (I don't know how to drive) to get to Pink Orchid!!

Their prices alone make the long trek worthwhile. Most of their baked goods don't go over $1.50 - a piece of cake and a cup of coffee COMBINED is less than one slice of cake from my neighborhood coffeeshop.

And just because the stuff is cheap, doesn't mean it tastes that way as well. Their cream puffs ($1.20) are amazing! The cream filling is sweet and light with a hint of vanilla. The cappuccino cake and chocolate mousse cake (both $1.40) are just as great. I HIGHLY recommend the chocolate mousse cake. The cakes aren't too sweet and they're light so you can have a slice (or 2! or 3! or...) and still feel pretty good about yourself...or at least fool yourself into feeling that. I also tried a bunch of their cookies and pastries - all of which were really good.

The coffee is nothing special. It's NOT freshly brewed but since Pink Orchid isn't a coffee shop, I won't take any points off. Plus, I drink my coffee black so I don't really care too much about what it tastes long as it tastes like coffee.

They also have a fridgeful of Mashti Malone's ice cream. I had my first taste of Persian ice cream today after a decadent lunch at Sushi Masu (another bonus for Pink Orchid: being situated next to the best sushi joint in the area!) and I am now officially a fan.

Service is great. Everyone is super friendly. They are happy to help with anything, even if it's something trivial and very you-can-do-it-yourself like choosing an ice cream flavor from the fridge.

FOOD: 3/5

1927 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 441-4410

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