Saturday, March 14, 2009

Noodle House: Carb-Land EXTREME


I've been sifting through some of my old writings and I realized that I have a whole bunch of food reviews that I never got round to posting on the blog. And because I REALLLLLY don't want to start studying, I'm going to do some more food blogging/procrastination. So here they are, reviews from yesteryear.


When B and I heard about Noodle House in Monterey Park, we knew that we had an important mission ahead of us. I had read such rave reviews about their buns and dumplings which are, apparently, made to order.

(A big bite)

Having starved ourselves in preparation for this heavy meal, we were near delirious when we were handed the menu and we definitely had half a mind to just order everything off that sheet of paper. A little self-control restrained us from doing so. Instead, we ordered the double mushroom with pork buns ($6.99 for 8), the
pork with leek steamed dumplings ($5.99 for 8) and the pumpkin and shrimp steamed dumplings ($6.99 for 8).

This place totally deserves all its great reviews. The buns and dumplings were absolutely amazing. The dumpling skin was perfect – not too thick and doughy but not too flimsy and breakable either. All three orders were awesome but the standout was definitely the pumpkin and shrimp. Who knew that combo would work so well together…and in a dumpling too, no less! We finished all three orders – yes, we’re disgusting like that. I must’ve eaten a week’s worth of carbs in that meal alone.

The place is a dingy hole but, when you’re at Noodle House, you come wholeheartedly for the food. And the food kicks absolute ass.

(Kickass dumpling filling)

FOOD: 5/5


958 E. Garvey Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91755
(626) 280-0831

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