Friday, February 13, 2009

Susina Bakery: SO FULL

(So many a happy time)

Current time: 3.26am

I am still effin’ full from what I ingested over six hours ago. What the F? Let me run through the list of what I ate today so I can try to make sense of this (all times are approximates):

9:00am – Banana, Bowl of Kashi Almond Flax with cinnamon and soy milk
12:00pm – Coffee, Banana nut muffin
7:00pm – Whole wheat pita filled with sweet peas and thai peanut sauce
9:00pm – Coffee and Susina Carrot Cake

?!?! It’s definitely NOT like me to be as grossly full as I am now from that. It’s the “peas’ syndrome. It’s been horribly horrible since Tuesday night. The hummus (blended chickpeas) + Lebanese mousaka (eggplant, tomato + chickpeas). Then tonight with sweetpeas. I guess I didn’t learn my lesson from Shaherzad night (i.e. hummus + babaganoush + dolmeh).

Ergh, I want to go to bed but I really can’t because I feel like a water balloon (that’s right…a bloated balloon FILLED with more filling water). But I will still do one of my favorite LA institutions justice and write up a review even though she (yes, “she”) is partly responsible for my current discomfort.

SUSINA. HOW I LOVE YOU. I get a fluffy, happy feeling every time I step into this place. Desserts are AMAZING and the staff are so uber friendly that I can’t help but break into gigantous (yes, made-up word) smile whenever I interact with them. Tonight was my 12347820832th time at Susina and I’m still not tired of it.

My first time, I got the Molten Lava Cake ($6.00). Hmmm…I DID really like it. BUT I had a bite of Sunny’s Americano cake ($6.50) and was a little jealous I didn’t get that instead. Second time was my favorite – the sentimentally-sweet WHOLE Bear Cake that they got me for my birthday. It was fucking HUGE (don’t believe me? See photo below). It was sooooooooooo good. It stayed chocolately moist even after days in the fridge.

(awwww...they sat through LA traffic for this)

(How big was the cake exactly? Let's just say that Sunny can fit her whole head into the cakebox)

Third time saw me with the Coconut Cake ($6.50). Last slice…and I wasn’t surprised given how amazingly coconutty and moist it was. Fourth time, at B’s Hong Kong film screening. Got the coconut cake again (I was just too enamored) and got a small box of cookies for B. And tonight? A HUGE CHUNK O’ Carrot cake ($6.50) and the Sun got the Berry Blossom ($6.50). Oh, I only wish I wasn’t as full as I was so I could’ve enjoyed the C-cake more. Had a bite of the Sun’s cake. OMG – I’m in love.

(Carrot Cake, Coffee, Berry Blossom Looming in Background)

And, because I felt bad for totally ditching the Debs, I brought home a small box of Susina’s special HAND-PAINTED Valentine’s cookies. Mannnnnnn, these must be the world’s most-expensive cookies ($4.50 PER COOKIE) but, the funny thing is, given the craftsmanship, I thought it was completely worth it!

(Worth-its-weight-in-gold HAND CRAFTED cookies)

Yes, Susina makes me like Los Angeles.

FOOD: 5/5

7122 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 934-7900

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