Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If You're Not Careful, It Could Take a Whole Day

So, Amy decided to turn 20 a few days ago. How could I NOT bake for her?? On Monday, I got out of class, ran over to Ralph's to get some last-minute provisions and got to work.

Consulting Donna Hay was a must. I had big plans for this "project" (I happen to like Amy. A lot). I started by making the "bases" - a chocolate cake and a yellow cake. Basic basic basic stuff - into the oven, 25 minutes. Cool down. You know the drill. These were then cut into small rounds - 2 rounds to a cakelet: sandwiching a layer of icing (cream cheese icing for the chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache for the yellow cake). It was in the next step that I realized I should probably get a palette knife. Icing cakes can be a back breaking job.

A formidable army of bears and bunnies <3

Since this was to be a baking "excursion", I thought I'd try my hand at marzipan. I personally hate the taste of that stuff...but it works well for decorative purposes. After a few trial-and-errors (aka. a lot of deformed bunnies), I came up with a somewhat-uniform bunny model. I got a little better when it came time to make my marzipan bears.

So the finishing touch: a bunny for each chocolate cake and a bear for each yellow cake!!

Of course, A LOT of room for improvement. Don't worry - I'll get it someday.

12:00am. Oh shit. Time flies!!

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